9 secrets that will make you “sex bomb”


The secret №1: Do not judge

Do you listen to an erotic fantasy partner or vice versa, you tell him about your openness to new ideas, lack of condemnation and prejudice – one of the most important qualities for a really sexy girl.

“Remember that this is just a fantasy, which does not necessarily ever come true. Set aside their judgment and try to feel the desire to partner the heart, not the mind. In fact, in them you can find a lot of useful information, in addition to this, he will know that you can completely trust, “- Ian Kerner, sex therapist and author of” Girls and forth. “

Secret №2: Learn to enjoy sex alone

A girl who is in harmony with your body and know what it is like petting him more likely to be a good lover – you can consider it an axiom requiring no proof. If you forgot what enjoyable and fun can be masturbation , it’s time to take matters into their own hands!

“Some people believe that self-gratification reduces cravings for sex with a partner, but it is not. Girls who are in a relationship and regularly masturbate more often reach orgasm with a partner than those who do not laskayutsebya themselves “- Ian Kerner.

№3 Secret: Be creative

What does it mean? He sees the arm of the couch, and you – excellent support for sex in a pose of “doggy-style.” He sees a bra, and you – a tool for games “50 shades of gray” .Kreativnost style and creative approach is very appreciated not only recruiters advertising agencies, but also boys.

“The one who says,” Let’s dress up in costumes, “or” Come on, make love in the closet “or offer something more interesting will automatically become in men’s eyes sexy goddess” – the sexologist, the psychotherapist Peter Schwartz, author kgini “normal bar” .

№4 Secret: Be open to experimentation

It’s hard to be a great lover, if you do in bed is the same, without trying new positions, devices and scenarios.

“I say it, it is necessary to agree on any dangerous activities, but why not just give a chance to the proposals for a Man, no matter how stupid and shameless, they do not seem? In the end, you will be something to remember! “- Peter Schwartz.

Secret №5: Fight against complexes

Remember the best sex of his life: most likely, the partner was a passionate, spontaneous and exudes eroticism. We bet that this time his mood was not overshadowed by doubts about their own attractiveness and trying to hide from your eyes this or that shortcoming. We have already talked about it and do not get tired of repeating: “Confidence – very sexy girl quality of all possible”.

“The one who says,” I’m sexy no matter how I look today, “and will make a man believe in it. A beauty, to seek out a “cellulite” and “wrinkles” and remains not in the business “, – Peter Schwartz.

№6 Secret “disables the head” during sex

The ability to “let go of themselves” and get rid of head control during sex – the most valuable quality for your enjoyment. In the first place, so you’ll feel better and your body will learn to reach orgasm more often, and secondly, prodemonstriruesh guy that really enjoy the process.

“Men do not always understand what they want the girl – especially when it comes to bed. They want you to be their guide and gave tips, but it can be done with the help of other sounds and moans during sex, “- Peter Schwartz.

Secret №7: to play sports

Recent studies have shown that physical activity and sport are at the girls like an aphrodisiac, increasing their erotic appetite. In addition, endurance and flexibility, too, plays an important role in the image of “sexy cat” – you need more reasons to get up off the couch and go out for a jog?

Secret №8: Do not take everything too seriously

Cool lover are able to find all positive: they do not perceive bedding failure as the catastrophe with humor are small discomfiture. Philosopher, relationship expert Logan Levkoff comments:

“You can hardly remember when it experienced its strongest orgasm, but when you and your partner have fallen out of bed. immediately comes to mind. Most likely, if you are so melted into each other, we do not even notice how ended up in the fall. Sexually many funny things – strange sounds, bad posture and all, but if you can laugh at them, then your partner will be very grateful. “

Secret №9: Think about sex

It is not just about playful thoughts at the moment with your boyfriend or proximity crazy fantasies about the handsome-fitness trainer.

“The mental component to sex is very important, so try to pay attention to the naughty thoughts and moods throughout the day. They do not need to drive, and to savor the flavor and new parts. Try to see the world through the prism of sex, noting tempted in all that surrounds you. It will take a little time and you will be surprised to increased their erotic appetite and the popularity of men “- Ian Kerner.


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